Your Email Signature Title is Bullshit: Top 10 Bullshit Titles and What They Really Mean

I got a request from a fan (aka, a good friend that I force to read my blog) to write about email signature’s and how full of crap they are.

First, I have to give props to @billwoodlock & @DerekBfromOP  for the suggestion. Their example was “VP Operations inter office technology = guy that fixes jams in copy machine”. Hilarious, and so true.

So here is my list of top ten bullshit email signature title’s and what they really mean:

  1. President & Co-Founder – Jobless
  2. Chief Diversity Officer – What can brown do for you.
  3. Senior Quality Analyst - “Yup, shit turns on. We’re good.”
  4. Data Analyst – Excel Pivot Tables Expert aka Spreadsheet Jockey.
  5. Systems Engineer – Password Resetter
  6. Product Marketing Director – Posts links to products on Facebook
  7. Director – Sends out a lot of emails, occasionally yells at someone. Doesn’t produce anything tangible
  8. Corporate Brand Agent – “Can you make it look”
  9. Director of Online Business Development – Professional Tweeter.
  10. Regional Marketing Director – Too smart for just a city marketing director. Too dumb for a national marketing director.

What else did I miss?

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