KLUTCHClub is looking for a CTO in Chicago

KLUTCHclub is looking for a hands-on Technology Director that will be responsible for envisioning and buildiing technical solutions for our high-growth subscription box / eCommerce business. This person will have demonstrated expertise in creating sustainable order management systems that make our online and offline customer experience sublime.They are able to diagnose strengths and weaknesses of […]

Chicago Hack-A-Thon This Saturday Sept 9th by StageBloc

If you’re a Chicago Hacker, this is a must go to event. My good friend Tom Giles from StageBloc, and Technori Pitch Alum is throwing a limited space hack-a-thon. Use the email below to contact them and say that Robbie sent you to make sure you can get in. —— Join us and Bright Bright Great for […]

Where Can I Find an iOS Developer for my Startup?

This is an email I wrote to someone wrote who is looking for input on a developer. I answer this question quite a bit, so I decided to share it! —— The answer isn’t an easy one mainly because of supply & demand. All the good iOS developers are working on their own projects and […]

How To Make Money As a New Developer

This post originally appeared on Technori as a Guest Post by me. —– I constantly meet people who learned how to program by teaching themselves or taking a few classes. They learned how to code, but are struggling with how to start and actually make money. They typically don’t have in-depth portfolios that allow them to […]

No Red Ink is Looking For a Rails Developer

Jeff Scheur is on to something. He spent 8 years grading english papers as an English teacher and has recently launched NoRedInk.com which is a web-based learning tool that helps students improve their grammar / writing skills. No Red Ink has made some awesome progress as you will see below. Check out the description below […]