How I Learned To Write About Myself Publicly, Even The Bad Things

Like a majority of you, I have an image I would like to maintain to the outside world. A positive image of course. I’ve always wanted to write, but I never could really write the way I wanted to write because I was afraid my job would read my blog. So the moment I had […]

Interesting Observation About Demographics of People on My Blog

When I write, I don’t necessarily write for one specific type of person or demographic. I just write whatever’s in my head. Wether it’s a rant about technology, or career advice, or just personal life, I generally just write without thinking about who it’s for. However, I will notice that some of my blog posts […]

Great Content Makes For Great Virality and Publicity

There are two kinds of people on social networks: those who want more followers and those who are lying – Guy Kawasaki in his new book APE – How to Publish a Book The same could be said about getting traffic to your blog or website. Everyone craves for it. There is something about seeing […]

Why Are People So Passionate About the Oxford Comma?

<Editors Note: I’m almost afraid to write about the Oxford comma for the sole reason that it might attract Grammar Nazi’s who will then point out all the grammatical errors I have in this post.> For those that are not in “the know”, here is a definition of the Oxford Comma from Wikipedia: The serial comma (also […]

Why I Like It When Everyone Stops Working For Thanksgiving Break

I love thanksgiving break and late December. Everyone takes off work. This also happens to be when I get most of my development work done. It’s the quietest and there is very minimal e-mail flow. This past week I finished a project I’ve been talking about for a while, finishing touches on an iOS app, […]